Full Operational Response to Major Accidents Triggered by natural hazards – full scale EXercise 2023

FORMATEX23 aims to improve capabilities of agencies, emergency services and the Union Civil Protection Mechanism in preparedness for and response to Natech disasters. It focuses on emergency response and management during complex multi hazard events with a focus on CBRN hazards and environmental pollution.

FORMATEX23 is a project with the final goal of conducting a full-scale (multi-national, multi-level, multi-agency) exercise that involves national and regional emergency response organisations and structures as well as specific emergency response elements to improve and strengthen cooperation among European members in the context of major accidents triggered by natural hazards.

The exercise FORMATEX23 is planned to involve Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) Modules active in the field of CBRN hazards, as well as technical experts that will fill the operational gap in the local and national response organisation.  They will get the opportunity to train in a multi-hazard environment together with local civil protection and emergency response experts. The exercise is focused not only on immediate response activities: FORMATEX23 aims also to strengthen the interface between response and recovery phase by further elaborating documentation and handover capabilities of the response organization.

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